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“A Burning Hatred for the Ruling Class”: Frank Barbaro’s Radical Life, from the (Brooklyn) Docks to the (New York) Supreme Court

"'A Burning Hatred for the Ruling Class'" (142 KB)

Frank Barbaro talks about his radical life, from the Brooklyn docks to the New York State Supreme Court

Frank Barbaro, born in 1927 in Brooklyn, New York to immigrant parents from Sicily and Calabria, is one of the last living links to a milieu that has been called “the lost world of Italian American radicalism.” Barbaro achieved in electoral politics without diluting his radicalism. He represented his Brooklyn district in the New York State Assembly for 26 years, where he chaired the Committee on Labor. After leaving the legislature, he was elected to the New York State Supreme Court, serving until he reached the age of seventy-five. Barbaro, though largely retired, occasionally practices law, taking cases that have political import.